History of WRC

"I initially started the club for selfish reasons – I was tired of driving up to Dallas to run with people I knew up there.  I would get up every Saturday morning at 4:30 am to drive to White Rock Lake to run with a Dallas training group.  I’d then do the weekday runs by myself here in town.   I did this for nearly two years, but knew there must be people in the Waxahachie area I could run with – I’d seen a few of them out on the streets.

I’d meet a few people here and there to run with, but still wasn't finding anything consistent.  I bounced the idea of a local running club off a friend of mine and also talked it over with my wife.  Not really sure what to do or how to do it, I decided to create a Facebook group and invite about 10 people.  That was June 22, 2011.  

Then something started to happen that I hadn't expected.  People started inviting their friends and then that friend would invite several more.  And before you know it, a year went by and we had 179 members! Then at the end of two years we had just over 400 members!  Now, after 4 years we've reached over 1,300 members!  

I am thrilled to be a part of this fantastic group of people. It's so exciting to see new people come in, set goals, start training and reach those goals!!  Come join us - you won't regret it.

Start doing something today that your future self will be proud of!" 

Russell Williams